Our pick of the most interesting and relevant stories from around the web on EdTech, education and refugees in the region.  


Huffington Post: Education Cannot Wait - investing in our shared humanity


World leaders gathered at the United Nations in New York this past week. At the 72nd General Assembly, renewed calls were made for our universal values that laid the foundation for the United Nations. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was at the forefront, such as ending poverty and hunger, achieving gender-equality, and ensuring justice and peace. But how do we get there?

The High-Level event on Financing the Future: Education 2030 may be the answer.

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Jordan Times: Syrian refugee children still miss ‘alarming number’ of school days — report


Over 16.6 million school days have been missed in Jordan since the Leaders’ Summit on Refugees and the UN General Assembly held in 2016, which pledged to ensure that all refugee children have access to education within a few months of displacement, a Save the Children (STC) report released Tuesday found.

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Telegraph: The online school in Greece hoping to empower refugee children


"The worst part about working with these children is not that they will leave: that is the best part," says Stephanie Martinez, 26, who runs the Habibi Centre, a school teaching refugee children from the ages of 12-18.

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Education Week: Cellphones, Apps Power Learning for Syrian Refugees

Last spring, in a weathered trailer in Bar Elias, Lebanon within walking distance from the nearby refugee camps, Syrian teenagers were hard at work at Arabic, math, science, and English lessons.

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NetHope Blog: Kiron Student: ‘My Story Is Not Set in Stone Yet ’

27 AUGUST 2017

“My name is Mohammed. I am a refugee from Damascus, Syria,” he says softly. 

Now, Mohammed studies Business Administration with Kiron. He came to Germany in 2015. Back in Syria he studied science and had his own business, selling medicine material. “It was a good job and a good business, I even came to Germany for a business trip once.” 

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News Deeply: An App to Crowdfund Higher Education for Refugees

14 AUGUST 2017

EdSeed is a new mobile app that aims to connect individual and corporate donors with displaced university students.

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Al Bawaba: WANA Institute: A Generation of Children Are Not Being Educated Because of Displacement

13 AUGUST 2017

Globally, more than 75 million children are out of school due to conflict and natural disasters, approximately the same number of children who are in school across the 28 countries of the European Union. This has devastating consequences. With displacement crises lasting on average 20 years, entire generations of children are missing out on an education.

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News Deeply: Why a Refugee ‘Education Passport’ Is Being Tested in Greece

31 JULY 2017

A European initiative to fast-track qualification checks for refugees aims to provide a clear account of their academic record and get more refugees into higher education.

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Guardian: Thousands of Syrian children in Jordan's Za'atari camp missing out on education

29 JULY 2017

Thousands of Syrian refugee children in Jordan are missing out on an education despite the provision last year of 75,000 new school places to cater for them.

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Inside Higher Ed: Reaching Refugees

19 JULY 2017

Southern New Hampshire University announces first phase of initiative to expand higher education access to refugees.

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World Bank: The Visible Impacts of the Syrian War May Only be the Tip of the Iceberg

10 July 2017

A new World Bank report estimates that as of early 2017, the conflict in Syria has damaged or destroyed about a third of the housing stock and about half of medical and education facilities, and led to significant economic losses. A key finding of the report is that the breakdown of the systems that organize both the economy and society, along with the trust that binds people together, has had a greater economic impact than the destruction of physical infrastructure. 

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Times Higher Education: Insider knowledge: homegrown solutions for academic refugees

25 JUNE 2017

Universities are developing imaginative ways of addressing the educational needs and ambitions of Syrians. If the risk of a “lost generation” of Syrian students and academics is to be avoided, universities in the region must be part of the solution. But these institutions – in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey – lack the capacity to deal with the scale of the refugee crisis and, in any case, often face problems of their own.

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